The 2016 Weight First pilot in Louisiana was a success, exceeding participant estimates by 105% and encouraging a majority of participants -- 79% -- to change their practices in managing patients with obesity.

The Endocrine Society sponsored the Weight First pilot program in collaboration with leading primary care associations in Louisiana to improve management of patients with obesity. The program addressed three key barriers to care: how to talk to patients about weight, treatment options (including FDA-approved medications and surgical interventions), and reimbursement. The program consisted of CME live events and enduring materials in collaboration with the following chapters of primary care associations:
•    Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians
•    Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners
•    Louisiana Osteopathic Medicine Association
•    National Medical Association Region V


The pilot exceeded expectations:

Objectives and Results of 2016 Weight First Pilot


Review the full 2016 Weight First pilot outcomes report here.